Managing Director

Parthiva R Thaker CA (SA)(NAM)

Mobile: +264 81 127 5256


Our MD has eight (8) years of experience in the auditing
industry and 1 year as a management accountant in a large
cement factory. This is where he worked on variety of
clients from freight and service companies, hospitality,
education, mining and farming to companies in the building
and construction industry. It is here where he was able
to network with individuals who are at the forefront of
the industry. This gives Shivali Commodities exposure to
supply such clients with quality products.

Sales Manager

Jaco Schoonbee

Mobile: +264 81 149 1006


Our Sales manager Jaco Schoonbee has worked in companies
such as Plastic Packaging, DHL and Prosperity Health.
During his time at those companies, he dealt with both
large and small clients thus giving Shivali Commodities the
exposure to both markets.